Medical Staffing

We Are The Staffing Solution For Your Business. Our Expertise Make More Different In Your Staffing Needs
Shammah Medical Staffing , is a division of Shammah Care Services INC, We are a Staffing solution company For over 4 years, we have been providing doctors, hospitals, and clinical facilities with star employees for a myriad of healthcare positions to deliver top-notch patient care while cost-effectively managing changes in demand.
Our team is passionate about helping our clients maximize their internal resources through strategic healthcare staffing solutions. That passion shines through in each candidate placement, and it has helped us become one of the most trusted medical resources in the North Carolina area. Placing top professionals in healthcare jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina, Shammah Staffing Solution is only a small part of what we do and our history has proven that we are committed to your success!

Mission Statement

Shammah Medical Staffing is committed to enriching healthcare communities through unparalleled service based on TEAM:
  • Trusted partnerships through honesty and mutual respect.
  • Exceeding expectations for care and compassion.
  • Adapting to and anticipating the ever-changing need of employees and the workplace.
  • Maintaining healthcare standards and compliance.

Vision Statement

Shammah Medical Staffing is committed to being a nationwide resource in enriching lives, nurturing patient/provider relationships, and empowering success in healthcare organizations.
Operate business and life with honesty and integrity. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Have a team-driven environment that is positive, fun, and professional. Know that excellence is not an event…it’s a habit! Why Shammah Medical Staffing?

Our award-winning service is built through referrals and relationships.
Our certified industry experts connect top talent with top companies.
We are solution-focused with our client-partner approach.
Our determination and dedication have driven results for over 4 years!


Shammah Medical Staffing is also proud to be a member of Citizens Staffing Solution. This partnership allows us to reach beyond the geographic borders of North Carolina, helping clients across the country connect with talented healthcare professionals and achieve measurable results.
Shammah Medical Staffing is proud to have been honored with the following recognitions:
Citizens Company – Top 100 Owned or Managed Companies by North Carolina Christian University Graduate
Raleigh Monthly Magazine’s Most Dependable Staffing Company